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5 benefits of Using Natural Shampoo Bars

5 benefits of Using Natural Shampoo Bars

Natural Ingredients

Did you know that most of the liquid soaps we use every day often contain synthetic detergents to create foam and bubbles? Unlike liquid soaps, natural shampoo bars are made of natural ingredients such as plant oil, essential oil and coconut oil. Natural shampoo bars minimize the overall carbon footprint as the shampoo bars are usually handmade with sourced biodegradable ingredients and are cruelty-free.



Shampoo bars are environmental-friendly as they do not rely on plastic packaging. Liquid soaps sold in plastic bottles not only require massive amount of energy to produce, they are also usually discarded instead of being recycled. Meanwhile, shampoo bars need only simple packaging of cardboard or paper liners which are recyclable and extremely eco-friendly.


No Harmful Ingredients

Artificial surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) are commonly found in liquid shampoos since these detergents could produce foaming which people normally associate with cleanliness. Yet, the amount of bubbles does not indicate effective cleanliness. These chemicals could strip of the natural oil in the hair, which would, eventually, cause the scalp becoming irritated and greasy. On the other hand, natural coconut oil in shampoo bars produces rich bubbles which gently cleanses, moisturizes, and strengthens the hair.



Shampoo bars are cost-effective as they are just a concentrated cleanser compared to liquid soaps, which takes numerous pumps onto your hand every time we shower. It is easy to waste money on the overuse of shampoo.



You can always carry a hand-sized shampoo bar onto the plane instead of a large bottle of liquid shampoo. Just zip the shampoo bar in the plastic bag and you can travel anywhere easily with it. Bring it along to the gym and it won’t make you feel tired after a long, exhausting workout.