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What''s in our soap?

蕁麻 ─ 到底是什麼植物?

蕁麻 ─ 到底是什麼植物?









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由於竹炭含有非常多的微細孔(每一克重的竹炭比表面積約100-300平方公尺),因此具有很強的吸附分解能力 ,對硫化物、氮化物、甲醇、苯、酚等有害化學物質能發揮吸收、分解異物、抗菌除臭、防蟲、防黴菌等吸附上的效果。

竹炭會釋放遠紅外線,其波長4-14 um部份,可被人體吸收,相互作用下,可活化人體細胞、促進血液循環及新陳代謝,加快傷口復原及有幫細胞更新,令肌膚更細緻。




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Let bitter orange sweeten your day! - Sunshine Beach Soap

Let bitter orange sweeten your day! - Sunshine Beach Soap

Petitgrain is an essential oil extract from the leaves and green twigs of bitter orange tree with the method of distillation. Originally from Southern China and was brought to Paraguay in the 19th century. And now most of the Petitgrain in the market is the product of Italy and Paraguay and it has long been used for health, antibacterial and relaxation purposes. Here are couple benefits of Petitgrain that you should not miss out.

1.Boosts up nervous system

Petitgrain has long been recognised for its effects on claiming emotions and providing relaxation feelings. With its chemical compound, petitgrain can act as a depressant for our nervous system with the adjustment on our breath pace and the relaxation of tensed muscles. People take petitgrain internally by adding few drops of essential oil to warm beverages for relaxing stomach muscle easing the digestive problems. We also recommend people to add a few drops to pillow to provide a restful sleep.

2.Provides relief from depression anxiety and stress

Petitgrain have the effect of calming emotions which is very recommended for prolonged use on people with depression. Petitgrain is like a observant friend who will lend you a helping hand when you are feeling lonely, depressed and stressed.

3.Help in treating abnormal palpitations, hypertension and insomnia

Adding petitgrain essential oil with rosemary during morning shower can help in boosting up emotions as well as giving us the feeling of hope to kick off our day. While adding petitgrain essential with lavender can relief us from the stress after a long day and bring us a restful sleep which is a efficient way to kick out insomnia. It has been claimed with its efficient benefits of easing abnormal palpitations as well as anxiety.

4.Prevent body odour

Adding petitgrain to our face wash can help us to balance our skin oil which lead to fewer acnes while adding it to our shampoo can change the problem of oily hair. We recommend customers to apply a few drops of petitgrain essential oil to see if any irritation or sensitive skin reactions occur. Petitgrain also has the effect of killing bacteria and adding it to our body wash can help in easing the bacteria that gives us odour at the same time giving us the scent of relaxing bitter orange.

How to use:

1.Add with facial wash to ease oil excretion helping in acne problems

2.Add to shower gel or shampoo to enhance our sleep quality

3.Use as aromatherapy to provide us with relaxation on stressed emotions and muscles

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