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Wild PPC

The Pharmaceutical Plant Company (PPC) has been operating in Melbourne, Australia for 25 years. Originally, our focus was on making herbal extracts for Naturopaths and Herbalists. Later, we also utilized these extracts to develop our own range of natural herbal medicines (Plex) and our Wild hair & body care range. We have been manufacturing our products in the same location from the very beginning. PPC uses certified organic herbs as the key ingredients in our Wild range. Our wild hair care products are formulated from plant proteins to enrich, nourish and strengthen hair and include herbal shampoos, conditions, body washes, body lotions and hand washes. We also have a range of certified organic lip balms. All of our organic certifications are accredited by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). PPC makes all the herbal extracts used in our products and we only use real herbal materials and do not reconstitute from powders or syrups. As an Australian based manufacturer, we wish more people would choose quality Australian made products in preference to those imported from overseas.