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A4 Triple Sensation Mask

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A4 Triple Sensation Mask


Country of Origin:
Made in Germany
  • Stress, too much sun exposure and an unhealthy diet are just a few of the factors that take their toll on our skin. As we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult for our skin to regenerate on its own. In addition to eating healthily and taking regular exercise, a good skincare regime is essential to keep our skin looking young and pampered. The A4 TRIPLE SENSATION MASK – a VISIBLY SMOOTHING AND MOISTURISING MASK WITH A TRIPLE EFFECT – is a real fountain of youth for stressed or tired skin.



    1) STRENGTHENS YOUR SKIN’S STRUCTURE from the INSIDE SILICIUM stimulates the formation of the structure-building proteins in the skin (collagen & elastin), “plumping” it up from the inside out. The density and firmness of your skin will noticeably improve.

    2) OPTIMUM MOISTURISING NOURISHMENT in the MIDDLE LAYERS OF THE SKIN Handmade SHEA BUTTER, ALOE VERA and ORGANIC HYALURONIC ACID in unrefined form provide long-lasting moisture and aid the skin’s natural repair process. Your skin will receive the moisture it needs, leaving it glowingly revitalised.

    3) VISIBLY SMOOTHER SKIN SURFACE Plant-based, pore-tightening elements of the OAK APPLE reduce wrinkles and help to smooth the surface of the skin. Your skin will be visibly silky and supple, with an even complexion that radiates a whole new freshness.

    How to use:Apply generously to the face and neck several times a week as required and leave for 5-10 MINUTES. Then remove any remaining traces of the mask with water. For an especially intensive effect, leave the A4 Triple Sensation Mask on overnight.

  • Argan Oil, Silicium

  • Good.