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薰衣草沐浴乳 Lavender Bath Milk

Artisanal Soap

薰衣草沐浴乳 Lavender Bath Milk


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  • Lavender, Milk & Epsom Salt to soften your skin and ease your mind

    Lavender Oil has a beautiful, versatile aroma. it is a perfect addition to the Bath Milk. Its calming and sedative properties help relax, fight stress and promote sleep. Just add 4-5 teaspoons in a warm bath, close your eyes and breathe deeply... and enjoy the instant relaxation.
    Shake before use. Pour 3-4 capfuls into the running water to disperse the Bath Milk. A water temperature of 37°C/98°F is recommended. Do not bathe longer than 20 minutes. After bathing, dry your body gently, and relax for at least half an hour in warm surroundings.                                                                                薰衣草、牛奶和瀉鹽軟化你的皮膚,放鬆你的思緒

    薰衣草油具有美麗、用途廣泛的香氣。 它是沐浴乳的完美補充。 它的鎮靜和鎮靜特性有助於放鬆、對抗壓力和促進睡眠。 只需在溫水浴中加入 4-5 茶匙,閉上眼睛深呼吸……享受瞬間放鬆
    在使用前搖勻。 將 3-4 瓶蓋倒入自來水中以分散沐浴乳。 建議使用 37°C/98°F 的水溫。 洗澡時間不要超過20分鐘。 沐浴後,輕輕擦乾身體,在溫暖的環境中放鬆至少半小時
  • Milk powder, epsom salts, ground oats, bicarb, lavender essential oil, shea butter, lavender buds 奶粉、瀉鹽、燕麥粉、碳酸氫鹽、薰衣草精油、乳木果油、薰衣草花蕾
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