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TAL Care Handcream Anti-Age 50ml


TAL Care Handcream Anti-Age 50ml


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  • A soft and fast absorbing handcream that deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin

    The ideal product for your daily hand-care, leaves your hands with a smooth feeling and a pleasant scent.

    Bioactive ingredients:
    - Edelweiss extract
    - Horsetail extract
    - Calendula extract
    - Cardiospermum
    - Grapeseed oil

    How to use
    Wash and dry your hands. Gently tear apart hand masks at the seam. Place hands into gloves between the mesh layers. Secure straps around wrists for custom fit. Relax and enjoy for up to 20 minutes. Gently massage the essence into your hands after removing the gloves. Touch screen compatible.


  • Crystal : This soap is good.