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Why Do Many Korean Women Have Good Skin?

Why Do Many Korean Women Have Good Skin?

Have you ever wondered how those Korean actresses have such flawless skin when you are watching Korean Drama? It’s no secret that even many middle-aged Korean women have the unbelievably flawless and utopian skin. So, what is the mystery behind that?


Eating Healthy

As meat is very expensive in Korea and much of the diets is vegetables, tofu and grains, Korean women tend to eat very few oily, fried and processed foods. The Korean diet mainly composed of fish, rice, vegetables, lean meat and plenty of fruits for dessert, which not only helps Korean women to stay trim, but also helping them to create amazing complexions.

They also consumer very few foods with refined sugars like cakes, ice cream, sodas and baked goods, as these would cause insulin to spike and create inflammation in the body, which would eventually break down collagen and elastin, causing sagging skin and or course, wrinkles.


Anti-Sun Habit

Korean women protect themselves from any contact of sunlight so as to avoid UV damage. What is more is that you won’t see Korean women sunbathe for hours at the beaches in Bikinis. Instead, they cover themselves in shorts, thin long sleeved shirts, sun hats and sunglasses to retreat themselves to the shade. Skin tanning is not popular at all because they believe that it would harm their skins.


Rice water Ritual

For many women in Korea, washing face with rice water has always been a soothing and traditional element to skincare as they believe that it has nourishing and brightening benefits. Rice water contains rich vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are essential for beautiful skin. Although it sounds very ritualistic, many of them still follow this practice. They simply soak the rice with water for 10-15 minutes until the water turns cloudy and rinse themselves with it.