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A4 Cosmetics

Why did Eva start A4? Eva’s grandparents were in the pharmacy business even before the war. They returned to Berlin after 1945 and restarted the business mainly based on many ancient cosmetics recipes grandma collected over the years. However, shortly after the business started, her grandma passed away. Her prized recipes all went to the basement for many years until one day Eva came across the formulation book by accident.

Partly intrigued and partly inspired, Eva thought the best way to extend her grandma’s dream is to recreate the original products from the original recipes. Eva particularly remembered the Avocado Whip Cream recipe because it was very popular then. But it was difficult because the names of the ingredients are very different today and all ready-made formulations (as used by almost all other brands as basis of new product development) have preservatives and harsh chemicals. Eva took almost three years to perfect her products with a famous German laboratory and an university to come up with something that is not only easy to use but highly effective. Eva also felt a strong need to seek new and contemporary ingredients to raise the level of the original recipe. In her extended research, she came across the wonderful Moroccan Argan oil and decided to use it as the main ingredient in her new product. Today, A4 is a well-known luxury brand in Germany and has won a numerous of beauty awards.