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Wild Baby

Wild Organic Baby is a premium organic baby care series, designed for the care of babies’ delicate, sensitive or eczema skin.

Carefully blended high quality organic plant oils and essential oils to effectively soothe, relieve and protect the babies’ skins moisture barrier, as well as relieve dry or eczema's skin.

All our organic baby products are certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) as either containing certified organic ingredients (>80%), or being a fully ACO certified organic product (organic ingredients >95%).


The company has been established in Australia for 25 years, with the initial business focused on making natural herbal extracts. The founder’s wife of the baby series is also a midwife with many years of experience, so she is very clear what the baby's skin needs.

We hope that more people will choose high-quality natural organic products, and understand how it can benefit the Earth and the human body. Above all, we hope to raise people's awareness of environmental protection.