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Brand Story

PHB Ethical Beauty

Hi! I'mRose Brown, founder of PHB Ethical Beauty. I founded this company as I believe everyone should be able to enjoy truly ethical, conscious & effective beauty products.

What does PHB stand for?

Pure. Handmade. British.

PHB Ethical Beauty is a pioneering British family business with a revolutionary range of award winning ethical beauty products. We're home to the world's largest range of Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free & Halal Certified beauty products. Our skin, body care and makeup products are handmade in the UK and we do not test on animals.

Our extensive selection includes: Skin, Body care, and Mineral Cosmetics, Male skin care and Natural remedies for Sensitive Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis & Acne. With over 100 products to choose from we offer something for everyone.

Join Our Ethical Beauty Revolution...

We're the original ethical beauty brand and we're on a mission to provide you with product purity. Our ethically made products are a safer choice for your own health and for the environment. We are also raising awareness about ethical issues that arise in the cosmetics industry, such as the use of animal derived ingredients, animal cruelty, plastic micro-beads and Palm Oil. All PHB products are free from alcohol, animal ingredients, Palm Oil & harmful chemicals. We use eco-friendly packaging that comes from post consumer recycled sources.

Some of our Ethically Harvested Ingredients: The Minerals in our cosmetics are sourced from India where they are mined ethically. The owners of the mine help to fund schools and daycare centres so that the quality of life for their employees is fair. The Organic Shea Butter in our products comes from a women's Co-op in West Africa.

"A family business... 20% of profit goes to charity"

Artisan Soap - 精品工藝天然香皂



Artisan Soap Brand Story
Our story begins with an Aroma therapist Kate, who could not find a natural soap that she liked to put on to her sensitive skin and, hence began making her own soaps from the best natural vegetarian-based ingredients.
And when she started sharing them with her friends, many were appreciative of her products as they found relief to their skin sensitivities.
Since then she never looked back. As a result of the many years of preparation, Artisan Soap was formed in 2013 to introduce the goodness of handmade soaps with the best quality you can find in the market!
Olive oil, Pure Silk, Goats Milk, Cocoa Butter, , Honey, Botanicals & Herbs, Buttermilk, Clays ….are no strangers in our soap workshop!
Our unique ingredients, beautiful designs and in-house Essential Oils blends offer sheer joy for the senses, as well as soothing and nourishing your skin!
Our soaps contain NO preservatives, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) or parabens which make them suitable for the most sensitive skin!