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Why founded Cosme de Jardin

Cosme de Jardin 美肌花園

A natural, organic, and well being beauty garden with more than 15 natural & organic beauty brands to choose from! We carry quality skincare, hair care, cosmetics, body care, baby care, and home fragrances products! So pls enjoy the gifts from the Mother Earth.


The start of everything

Hi, I am Kate. In the year 2006 after my sudden miscarriage, due to my immense stress I had developed a skin condition. Due to this, I changed my usage of cosmetic and toiletries to organic ones. These organic products had such an impact on my skin and I could see it being better by the day.


Since the skin is the biggest organ in our bodies, what we put on our bodies will go to our blood steam to a certain degree. Also, my extensive research led to a revelation of the chemicals that most cosmetics brands are using, such as parabens (chemical preservatives) and SLS (foaming agent), can actually affect the changing of hormones, cancer, infertility, and skin allergy issues! I, of course, was shocked to know the truth! I also found out that some of my friends had the similar skin allergy issues. So I recommended them to switch to the natural and organic skincare as their daily routine. Moreover, we started to have a healthier lifestyle such as more exercise, yoga, and eating fresh veggies and fruits.


Due to this me and my friends tried a lot of organic products on the market, and gained a deeper knowledge and understanding of the benefits of natural and organic skincare products. This turning point in our lives is where we decided to make an organic skincare company! To benefit those in need and have the world understand the advantages of natural and organic products.


Now through our website Cosme de Jardin 美肌花園 we have over 15 brands and numerous categories, including face care, hair care, body care, makeup, baby care, and home fragrance, etc. We will keep looking out for quality beauty and personal care products and share the wellbeing news thru Facebook and our websites.

How we choose the products

Many people ask us how we choose our products. Well, we do have a standard:

  • We will meet with the founders of the brands to understand what is behind the brand and whether its production process is up to the international standard
  • We will check out the reputation of the brands to see if it is popular amongst the beauty bloggers, editors or even got any beauty awards
  • We will have the product trials amongst ourselves and our VIP members for a month to see if the results are satisfactory
  • We will check out the texture, quality, and efficacy and whether it is suitable for the local market

Our aspirations


We strive towards going green and letting our next generation thrive on the natural resources that come from Mother Nature.


We search far and wide for the best natural resources earth has to offer. In our products, we never use harmful chemicals or toxic oils, and we stand firm against animal testing.


We thoroughly enjoy living the natural, organic and recyclable lifestyle with our products. Our products cleanse your body and mind, rejuvenate your skin, and soothe your skin problems!


We definitely want to spread our story about the benefits of natural products because they can improve everyone’s life!


All products are introduced to customers through our rigorous tests and feedback from customers. So we know what to improve upon and what we can put on our website!