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天然修護保濕洗髪皂 All Natural Nourishing Shampoo Bar

Artisanal Soap

天然修護保濕洗髪皂 All Natural Nourishing Shampoo Bar


Country of Origin:
Made in Australia
  • 〔你知道嗎? 〕市面既洗頭水含高濃度化學質,好容易越洗越笠,越笠越易甩頭髮!要打破呢個循環,就要由洗髮產品開始! 澳洲 Artisanal Soap 堅持用100%純天然 + 有機原料人手製造,每一塊番梘都係工藝師手工獨一無二既藝術品!


    乾性受損的頭髮- 蘊含多種修護滋養的天然成份,包括摩洛哥堅果油,亞麻籽,蜂蜜能有效修復受損的髪質,適合長期漂染或受損的秀髮


    Artisan Soap 是100%澳洲人手製造
    Artisan Soap 的香皂是"護膚香皂"對皮膚有修護益處,並不是一般的肥皂
    絕不含化學起泡劑(SLS), 化學防腐劑(parabens),甲醇,和其他有害化學物質

    〔Do you know? 〕The shampoo on the market contains high-concentration chemicals, so the more you wash, the more you get, and the more you get, the easier it is to shake your hair! To break this cycle, we must start with shampoo products! Australia Artisanal Soap insists on using 100% pure natural + organic raw materials to make it by hand. Every piece of fan is handmade by a craftsman and is a unique piece of art!

    The formula is not only good and easy to foam, but also can deeply cleanse the scalp, wash away the accumulated silicon, wax, oil and chemical agents, so that the scalp is really refreshing and without burden!

    Dry and damaged hair- Contains a variety of natural ingredients for repairing and nourishing, including argan oil, flaxseed, and honey can effectively repair damaged hair, suitable for long-term bleached or damaged hair.

    Usage: Apply to wet hair, lather gently and rinse thoroughly.

    Artisan Soap is 100% handmade in Australia
    The best quality natural ingredients, combined with the art of craftsmanship to create natural craft soap!
    The soap of Artisan Soap is a "skin care soap" that has repairing benefits for the skin, not a normal soap
    No chemical foaming agent (SLS), chemical preservatives (parabens), methanol, and other harmful chemicals
    No animal testing

  • 橄欖油皂化液(包含蕁麻,紫草根,迷迭香,檸檬草,羅勒),椰子油,棕櫚油,乳木果油,蓖麻油,摩洛哥堅果油,蘆薈,水,精油(迷迭香,雪松,薰衣草),澳洲粉紅礦物泥。Olive oil saponification liquid (contains nettle, comfrey root, rosemary, lemongrass, basil), coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, castor oil, argan oil, aloe vera, water, essential oils (rosemary, cedar) , Lavender), Australian pink mineral mud.