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Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress & Comfort

Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress & Comfort


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  • Soothe and comfort your senses with this exquisite selection of products. Complete with Aromatherapy Associates’ De-Stress Body Wash, De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil, Support Lavender & Peppermint Bath & Shower Oil and Relax Candle, this alluring collection will inspire true physical, mental and emotional bliss. Contents 1 x 200ml De-Stress Body Wash 1 x 9ml De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil 1 x 9ml Support Lavender & Peppermint Bath & Shower Oil 1 x 9cl Relax Candle Directions for use Experience a candlelit bath with the Relax Candle. Fill your bathtub with warm water. Pour one third of your chosen bath and shower oil into the bath, stirring the water gentle until evenly distributed. Alternatively, apply one third of bottle to torso/ supper body, and step into a warm, steaming shower. Take deep, slow breaths and indulge in the aroma. Apply a generous amount of De-Stress Body Wash to body, rinse thoroughly.

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