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玫瑰和蘋果手工皂 Rose & Apple Handmade Soap

Artisanal Soap

玫瑰和蘋果手工皂 Rose & Apple Handmade Soap


Country of Origin:
Made in Australia
  • 100% 純天然澳洲工藝皂,滋潤保濕,令肌膚光澤幼滑!


    適合任何肌膚,包括孕婦和嬰兒, 亦可用於面部和身體。  



    Artisan Soap 是100%澳洲人手製造
    Artisan Soap 的香皂是"護膚香皂"對皮膚有修護益處,並不是一般的肥皂
    絕不含化學起泡劑(SLS), 化學防腐劑(parabens),甲醇,和其他有害化學物質

    100% pure natural Australian craft soap, moisturizing and moisturizing, leaving skin shiny and smooth!

    The elegant and charming fragrance of rose geranium and apple is the perfect fragrance for Mother's Day. This beautiful pink handmade soap contains rose geranium essential oil and goat's milk to help reduce inflammation and soothe dry and itchy skin. The added silk will make the skin smooth and shiny.

    Suitable for all skin types, including pregnant women and babies, and can also be used on the face and body.

    Facial cleansing: Wet the face with warm water to open the pores, rub the soap with wet hands until lather, then apply to the face, massage in a circular motion clockwise, then wash with a cotton towel or natural sponge, and lightly with a towel Light print dry moisture

    Body washing: Wet the body with warm water to open the pores, rub the soap with wet hands until lather, then apply it to the skin and massage gently, then rinse with a cotton towel or natural sponge
    Usage: Apply to wet hair, lather gently and rinse thoroughly.

    Artisan Soap is 100% handmade in Australia

    The best quality natural ingredients, combined with the art of craftsmanship to create natural craft soap!

    The soap of Artisan Soap is a "skin care soap" that has repairing benefits for the skin, not a normal soap

    No chemical foaming agent (SLS), chemical preservatives (parabens), methanol, and other harmful chemicals

    No animal testing

  • 橄欖,椰子,棕櫚,蓖麻,乳木果油,蒸餾水,精油(玫瑰天竺葵和廣藿香),山羊奶,燕麥膠,柞蠶絲皂化油。Olive, coconut, palm, castor, shea butter, distilled water, essential oils (rose geranium and patchouli), goat milk, oatmeal gum, tussah silk saponified oil