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TAL Med Foot Mask 16ml


TAL Med Foot Mask 16ml


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  • Instant effect for dry feet

    A mask in sock form that works deep under the skin. The socks are coated with a regenerative and nourishing power cocktail of urea, edelweiss extract and marigold. Intensive treatment that gets to work immediately on tired, cracked feet. 0% Parabens, PEG, Alcohol

    Bioactive ingredients:
    - Edelweiss extract
    - Horsetail extract
    - Calendula extract
    - Cardiospermum
    - Grapeseed oil

    How to use
    Remove the socks from the sachet and wear them for 20min. Remove socks and gently massage the remaining essence on your feet.



  • Crystal : This soap is good.